Insight Into Domestic Violence Cases

At the Vancouver law firm of Steven W. Thayer, P.S., attorney Steven Thayer often defends people charged with domestic violence. This can be based on physical or sexual assault, destruction or damage to community property, harassment, etc.

What You Should Know About The Domestic Violence Prosecution Industry

The domestic violence prosecution industry is responsible for the arrest, prosecution, conviction and punishment of thousands of people every year for pushing each other, throwing things at each other, making threatening gestures, verbally threatening each other, and kicking walls and doors.

Thousands of people throughout the state are employed as cops, prosecutors, probation officers and counselors, ostensibly to protect the community, when in fact the reality is they make a living persecuting the community by arresting, charging and providing “treatment” to people who more often than not regret what happened after they sober up — and come to deeply regret having called 911.

  • In fewer situations:Sure, if someone is actually injured, weapons were actually used or significant property destruction is involved, arrest and prosecution are appropriate. But those cases constitute a minority of the domestic abuse processed by the industry.
  • In most situations:For most cases processed, criminal prosecution is unnecessary except to ensure that alcohol treatment or anger counseling is received in appropriate cases. The idea that someone should be arrested, prosecuted, subjected to the loss of constitutional rights and punished for throwing the Kleenex box at his or her spouse is not only overkill, but laughable when you consider that the citizen being persecuted has to pay taxes that pay the salaries of his or her persecutors.

The Laws

  • These laws have been in effect in Washington since 1985. If someone calls 911 to report alleged domestic violence, whether true or not, and the police believe someone pushed somebody or broke a coffee cup, they are required by law to make an arrest and immediately take the suspect to jail.
  • The cost of defense and the potential penalties in the great majority of cases is vastly disproportionate to the alleged misconduct and ultimately represents a waste of community resources that would be better directed to actually helping people.
  • These laws need to be changed. The police should have discretion to make an arrest at the scene of an alleged domestic violence call-out.
  • Our courts should have a legislative mandate to exonerate or divert de minimis cases with an ability to require treatment or counseling as an alternative to conviction, punishment and loss of constitutional rights. Until that happens, our office will continue to defend people who are victims of the domestic violence persecution industry.

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