If you have been charged with assault in Washington, the charge will fall under the definitions in the state law on assault. There are four degrees of assault defined in the statutes. They vary by:

  • Intent of the accused
  • Harm inflicted
  • Amount of force used
  • Use of weapon
  • And other factors

The penalties, of course, depend on the seriousness of the assault, and range from probationary sentences to years in prison.

Our Goal Is To Win

The goal in any criminal case, including assault, is to win the case. This may be achieved by dismissal or by acquittal at trial. Many cases are defensible. For example, the law allows the reasonable use of force in self-defense or in the defense of others. Likewise, reasonable force may be used to protect your property from theft or damage. We also often see cases where our clients use reasonable force to restrain others from engaging in potentially harmful conduct such as drunk driving or using drugs around children, just to name a few examples.

Even if your assault case is indefensible, you may have been overcharged. Even if you haven’t been overcharged, the case may still be reduced by negotiation minimizing the impact on you and your family.

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