The Oregon-Washington Bridge is a vital piece of infrastructure, providing a gateway between the two states. This bridge is a reminder of the strong bond between Oregon and Washington and is a testament to the power of collaboration and hard work. It is a testament to how two places can connect and form a lasting connection.

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Work on the Oregon-Washington Bridge was launched in 1978 and concluded four years later, in 1982, costing around $175 million. The bridge was named in honor of Glenn L. Jackson, the ex-director of the Oregon Department of Transportation, who had a major contribution to its construction. Nowadays, it is a major route for commuters, freight transport, and tourists. It continues to be an essential component of the transportation system in the area.

The Oregon-Washington Bridge stands out for its extraordinary length; it spans an impressive 7,780 feet. Its main span is an impressive 1,200 feet long and towers 200 feet above the Columbia River. There is room for four lanes of vehicular traffic, two going in each direction.

The Oregon-Washington Bridge has a remarkable design. Its cable-stayed structure has cables radiating from a central tower to carry the roadway. This design provides more clearance beneath the bridge and offers stability in strong gusts and seismic activity.

The Oregon-Washington Bridge has become a symbol for the Pacific Northwest, not just for its practical purpose as a transportation link, but for its stunning views of the Columbia River and its surrounding landscapes. People from Vancouver to Portland enjoy taking a leisurely drive or bike ride across the bridge to take in the view.

But, the bridge has had its fair share of issues over the years. In 2013, a section of the bridge was damaged by an oversized truck, which led to the bridge being closed for several days. This incident showed the need for better safety measures and regulations for oversized vehicles on the bridge.

The Oregon-Washington Bridge is an accomplishment of engineering and a much-needed connection in the Pacific Northwest. With its magnificent length, cable-stayed structure, and awe-inspiring sights, it is a favourite destination for locals and travellers alike.

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